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This will be the canon timeline of the current version of the web novel. I will attempt to update this as frequently as possible. Events will be brief in description, to avoid spoilers. This is mainly to assist in knowing where you are in the story overall.


Arc 1: The Moonlit Genesis

July 3, 2012

  • Adam Grayson goes to the doctor in Nexus City for an appointment. He takes the train, where he has a brief discussion with an old woman named Robin.
  • Thomas Peck does the checkup and makes sure Adam is aware of his current situation, letting him know he and others are there for him.
  • Charlotte Ouderkirk (going by the name Charlotte Smith) is out scouting for the potential whereabouts of the World Mirror. After spying on the appointment, she expects Adam to be a likely candidate for its location.
  • Adam meets up with Brandon Shepherd near Lake Ouderkirk. They proceed to return to their hometown of Prelude.
  • Adam and Brandon walk by the Roswell residence, where they notice Faye Roswell and Emma Roswell training with their mother, Pamela Roswell. They end up staying for dinner, which Adam sleeps through. After talking with Faye, Adam leaves, and receives an envelope from Pam.
  • Adam goes to the store (Ann's General Goods) to get food. He meets up with Winona Caldera after an awkward attempt at a conversation with Charlotte. He then proceeds into the store, where he spots a mysterious ghost girl in the aisle. She vanishes while triggering Adam's World Mirror in his eyes. Charlotte notices and declares Adam to be the one she had been looking for. She renders Adam unconscious after revealing she is a ghost.
  • In the forest north of town, Charlotte reveals she is also an Ouderkirk and tells Adam about the World Mirror. Seeing as though he cannot activate it, she pressures him through battle to do so. Eventually, he does so after physical and emotional stress.

July 4, 2012

  • Adam awakens next to Charlotte the following morning. She discusses her issue regarding her memory loss, and hopes that Adam can assist her in remembering things, as she will, in return, help him understand his own power.
  • The two go visit Jerry Peck at his house, as Adam believes Charlotte gaining a basic grasp of Phantonics, and more specifically, ghosts. Jerry agrees to help the two learn the truth, and begins to plot out a hack attempt on Requiem's government to uncover what is being kept from them.
  • Adam allows Charlotte to stay at his house, considering she needs plenty of time to rest due to her condition. In the meantime, he visits Mona's Quality Burgers with Brandon, preparing to tell him the current situation.

July 5, 2012

  • Winona is outside working on her garden. Her father, Jericho Caldera, walks out and talks to her. After a discussion about her sister (Cynthia Caldera), Winona asks him about the mine below the town.
  • Emma has an appointment with Thomas, where her artificial spine is discussed.

July 7, 2012

*I'll update this part soon.