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What would you do at the end of the world?

Welcome to the Phantonics Wiki! This wiki was created by Kyologist, author of Phantonics. The plan is to move a lot of the data on the main Phantonics website to here once the series grows. For now, there won't be too much here. In the meantime, check out Phantonics on, Royal Road, or Neovel!


Phantonics: The study of the phanton.

Phantons are tiny particles that make up the soul of each and every person. They are responsible for things such as the existence of ghosts, as well as "Concepts," which are mysterious powers one can unlock upon "awakening" their own inner phantons.

Adam Grayson, a boy mysteriously lacking phantons, meets Charlotte Ouderkirk, a ghost of the royal family of his country known as Requiem. He miraculously awakens what seems to be a Concept, which Charlotte recognizes as power stemming from the "World Mirror," something closely connected to her family. With Charlotte's memories wiped of important information on the matter, Adam begins to explore for the truth behind his unique Concept. He, along with many others in the story, will soon come to a painful realization:

Do they know anything at all about the world they live in?

*NOTE: As the web novel shifts over into the newer version, changes will be made on the site to comply. Information may be mixed in the meantime; apologies for that.

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