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Faye Roswell is one of the main characters of Phantonics. After a mysterious fire destroyed her home as a child, hurting her sister and in some way killing her father, she shut herself down. However, with the help of her friend, Adam Grayson, she became her cheerful self once more.

Awakening to her Concept, Fire, Faye has to overcome her fear of the flames that originate from within her and protect the ones she holds dear.


  • Faye has grown to love food of all kinds and will eat almost anything. Although this is mainly for comedic purposes, it stems from her unable to eat well during the period after her father's death and her mother having to work on things away from home. The amount of food she consumes also acts as a sort of conceptual "fuel" for her flames.
  • Despite her fear of fire holding her back when she initially awoke to her Concept, the overall training she has done over the years with her mother makes her a powerful combatant even without the use of her power.
  • She has flames form on the top of her head whenever she feels embarrassed. Supposedly, she is unable to even notice that they are there.
  • As Phantonics has progressed in development over the years, Faye has had the most name changes out of any other character. Her previous names are considered spoilers for future content.
  • The author suggests that out of all the characters in the series, they should pay attention to Faye's development the most.